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Cosmetic dentistry

Crowns, bridges & veneers 

  • Crowns

    • A dental crown is a full-coverage ​"cap" that protects the entire surface of your tooth.  Crowns are cemented to your natural tooth structure after they have been sized down (prepared) to specific dimensions that allow for space for the new crown.  Crowns help restore a tooth's function and can improve esthetics; they also are typically placed after root canals.

  • Bridges

    • A bridge is a special restoration that usually involves at least two crowns and one or more pontics or "dummy crowns" sandwiched between the crowns.  ​Bridges are an option for replacement of shorter spans of missing teeth.  ​​

  • Veneers

    • Veneers can be considered partial crowns, as they are specially made to cover up the front face of a tooth; most commonly, a veneer is chosen as a treatment option to improve esthetics.  ​They are an option to help correct stained, chipped, decayed, or slightly crooked teeth.

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