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Dr. Bryn Ealy Completes Implant Pathway Course

IOWA FALLS, IA: Dr. Bryn Ealy is now providing Dental Implants at Iowa River Dentistry, Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Dr. Bryn Ealy recently returned from an Implant Pathway Course at the New Horizons Dental Center in Tempe, Arizona. The course included intense dental implant training where Dr. Ealy participated in classroom instruction, hands-on and live patient surgery. After completion of the course, Dr. Ealy is now placing dental implants for her patients at Iowa River Dentistry.

During the entire participation, Dr. Ealy earned 76 continuing education credits. In Iowa, every dentist is required to complete 30 hours every 2 years in order to renew their dental license. The volume of hands-on work and the number of dental implants performed during the training has qualified Dr. Ealy for a FELLOW status in the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists). She has registered to become a member of the ICOI and received her fellowship award at the ICOI Winter Symposium in Houston, Texas in February 2020.

Topics during the training included patient and case selection, pharmacology, bone anatomy, grafting materials, implant planning software, CBCT usage, extraction techniques, suture design, guided and free-hand surgery, and immediate implants.

Dr. Ealy had actual hands-on experience with tooth extraction, implant placement and surgical suturing on pig jaws, grafting and suturing on anatomically correct models, and impressions of healed implants on models.

During the class, Dr. Ealy placed 20 implants herself with the entire class placing 228 implants over two (2) days. This included single tooth implants, immediate implants, full arch implants, full arch suturing, grafting, and sinus lifts.

These patients receiving the implants at the New Horizons Dental Center were offered services at a significantly reduced fee. Many were veterans or those that would otherwise not be able to afford full arch restoration or even a single implant.

With the program comes continued mentorship by the Implant Pathways Team which is headed by the owner and founder of Implant Pathway, Dr. Justin Moody. The team is also comprised of both general dentist and oral implantologists from all over the country.

Dr. Ealy has already performed an implant and has several others scheduled since her return from the training. Questions and more information on this dental service are welcomed. You can contact Dr. Bryn Ealy at Iowa River Dentistry to learn more.

About Iowa River Dentistry: Iowa River Dentistry is located at 922 Washington Avenue, Iowa Falls, IA 50126. Family dental care is available Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Additional information about the dental clinic and services can be found at and by calling 641-648-4237. Everyone is invited to follow along on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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