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Iowa River Dentistry Now Providing 3D Imaging For Their Patients

Iowa River Dentistry recently installed a KaVo OP 3D to provide panoramic, cephalometric and 3D imaging for their patients.

IOWA FALLS, IA: Dr. Bryn Ealy with Iowa River Dentistry recently installed a KaVo OP 3D imaging machine that will provide digital scans for their patients. This will assist with how to plan dental implants, trace nerve pathways, find hidden root canals and more.

The KaVo OP 3D is a complete x-ray platform that provides easy-to-use features throughout the entire dental imaging workflow. The device provides fast image review, panoramic, cephalometric, 3D imaging, and lead-free scans that allow Dr. Ealy and staff to better view and manage their patients' dental care.

With its versatile imaging programs and intuitive user interface, the KaVo OP 3D in its different configurations offers imaging excellence for a variety of users, ranging from general dental practitioners to orthodontists, and all the way to maxillofacial surgeons.

Dr. Ealy recently attended a two-day CBCT training at the University of Minnesota Dental School. This continued education course was designed to learn more about how best to use the new KaVo OP 3D CBCT machine as well as an in-depth review of anatomy and pathology.

Last week the staff at Iowa River Dentistry spent the day training on the new CBCT machine and learning the software that goes with it. Proper patient positioning and instructions, how to send and save patient files and how to use the software for various dental procedures were all part of the training. The staff was able to practice on each other and volunteer patients.

"We are committed to providing our dental patients with quality dental and oral health care," states Dr. Ealy, owner of Iowa River Dentistry. "This means that we need to not only invest in new equipment but also continue learning how to provide these new dental services."

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